Saint Peter's Basilica

Enriching Our Lives with Christ

Truly lilving our your full initiation in the Catholic church means much more than just learning about Jesus.  Building a relationship with him means showing others his love by being his hands, voice, and heart to others.  Youth ministry here at Christ the King offers a variety of ways for you to live your faith.  Here are just a few.

Building Homes

Summer Mission Trip

Our summers aren't spent just relaxing.  We're also serving those most in need.  Every year the youth group takes a service mission trip to help the underprivledged.  Join us to find out where Jesus will be sending us this year.

Catholic Youth Conferences

Think you're the only one excited to be a part of the young church?  Think again.  Somewhere in the world there are thousands of Catholic youth gathering, worshiping, and serving one another.  Catholic youth conferences give you the opportunity to re-energize your faith and connect with someone from another part of the world.

taking selfie
Volunteers Packing Food

S.W.E.A.T. Projects

Service With Enthusiasm And Teamwork (S.W.E.A.T.) projects focus on our local community.  Foodbanks, shelters, and even our neighbors down the street fell the love of Jesus when we all come together and lend a helping hand.

Prayer and Encounters

With all the outreach our youth ministry does, sometimes you need to reach inward to strengthen your bond with Jesus.  Retreats, prayer services, and holy encounters help us focus on just our personal relationship with him.  Separating ourselves from the rest of world allows us to make more room for his love.